almost on the way of success

for times we struggled and feel tired of doing things … we all have endings,.,

my school year has almost done …. and my failures from past moments …becomes my lift up moments…all things have an ending at last.. it would take 3 months from now ill be there on my way of achieving success…yessss….

here it  is no matter what failures it is …let’s make it as our way of lifting yourself for the future…way out there…

stay … positive guys…we can make it ….for the better…of knowing the real and the way to YOURSELF///

words that I feared of as a LEADER

when you are chosen to be a leader,, does it fully mean you are being trusted??

we do have different answers about it.

my struggle being one of the common leader,,

first at school:    during my grade 7 level I was elected to be a class president and it was good to lead, indeed but, what is the fear behind it? was…. when something went wrong in class… you will get reprimanded you will receive all of the heartaches,,of what are the wrong  things that others do and “not you” every mistakes that your member do,,, they don’t receive it instead its all yours…  I keep silent and hide myself from doing what can be seen by others …….i don’t want to be known by people,, I don’t want to be given praise by anyone around because of my personality of leading others….I hate being noticed,,, but I love to “””SERVED“””””

TALKING about leadership >>> > we all have it ,,,,,>>> AND WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN FEAR OF LEADING OUR MEMBERS:::


the word“TRUST” IT gives me fear of leading that I might lose the trust of the people around me…

RESPONSIBILITY” you are somehow putting yourself to be involved in a harsh situation …in a way that people around would not notice your struggle along the way just to lead the many…good deeds and struggle are rarely observed and easily forgotten,,,, yet even to a single that everyone commonly has it are easily observed and hard to be forgotten that will lead them to say the word “IRRESPONSIBLE” AS a leader it gives much pain…yet nothing to do but to listen and continue….being a leader…. we continue and they continue observing what is the common mistakes about you””” 


FOR ME,  a good leader is not tired of receiving false saying about the way they lead,,,,not showing off themselves just to be praised and keep doing things in silence ,,,,  as of now Im experincing all this thins,,,, but im not tired and imbarrased about waht people says for I know what Im doing is right not for myself but for the goods of others…..